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Our network prides itself on having staff that are sympathetic, compassionate, and who truly understand how important recovery is.
The Sequoia Recovery network of providers offer a comprehensive dual diagnosis treatment program. Our network truly believes that to fully combat the addiction, it is necessary to work the physical and mental addiction. In order to provide each client with a tailored recovery plan, our network takes into consideration your addiction and health history to properly assess your recovery plan of of action. You can rely on Sequoia Recovery's network of providers to provide you with the compassion and professional care you need to beat your addiction.

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What We Offer

Addiction Treatment Services and Options

Luxury Amenities

From luxurious living accommodations to gym memberships, drug rehab centers in our network provide all necessary amenities for clients in the recovery network. By providing all clients with luxury amenities they can solely focus on their recovery.

Individualized Treatment

Every client is a unique individual that deserved an individualized treatment plan that is tailored to their specific needs. All of the clients go through a thorough assessment with professionals within the network to build the proper treatment plan.

Receive Help

The licensed professionals in our network are ready when you are. Don’t wait any longer to get the help you need to break your addiction cycle. Take one step closer to a sober life by calling the Sequoia Recovery network and together we can start your journey to recovery.

Detox Centers

Through the clinically managed detox program offered by the Sequoia Recovery network, clients will complete the withdrawal period in a comfortable and safe environment. The network’s detox program will be supervised by licensed professionals at all hours of the day.

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Addiction has affected and ruined millions of lives. Addiction isn’t just someone being dependent on a substance or someone not having the willpower to break that dependence, it is a disease. To fully combat addiction, you must treat addiction as a disease. Proper professional care is needed in order to reach long lasting sobriety. Unfortunately, many individuals don’t see addiction as a disease and believe a quick simple detox will help solve their addiction problem. In order to achieve a long term solution, both the body and the mind must be freed from addiction. Within any facility in Sequoia Recovery's network of providers, we view and treat addiction as a disease. Licensed professionals have helped thousands of individuals successfully overcome their addiction by following our comprehensive dual diagnosis treatment plans.

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Looking out for the Signs of Addiction

It is important to catch addiction early. The longer one is addicted to the substance, the more difficult it is to break the chains of their addiction. Here are a few signs to look out for to see if you or a loved one is suffering from addiction. Have you noticed a change in your loved one’s mood or sleeping habits? Is your loved one constantly isolating themselves? Have you noticed a tremendous weight loss or weight gain? Are their eyes constantly red or dilated? If you have noticed any of these signs, feel free to call Sequoia Recovery's network of providers to learn how you can get the help they need today.

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