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Our number one priority is to provide individualized care for all of our clients. It is our goal to provide the proper care to help clients overcome their addiction.

We provide a range of alcohol and drug recovery programs at the drug rehab centers in our network along with a clinically managed detox and full rehabilitation treatment plan.



According to the US Department of Health & Human Services, more than 23 million Americans suffer with addiction.
Sadly only a small percentage of those Americans actually seek the proper help they need.
Contact us today, and make sure you are not a part of that 23 million.
All drug rehab centers are the same. What is so different about yours?
Not all recovery centers are the same. The Sequoia Recovery network of drug rehab clinics differs from the rest because we offer a comprehensive dual diagnosis treatment program to help those who suffer from co-occurring disorders. You see, many individuals who suffer from addiction also suffer with mental health issues as well. Whether that mental health issue is the reason they began abusing substances or whether their mental health issue derived from their drug abuse, our trained and licensed staff is ready and equipped with the skills needed to properly treat any and all clients that walk through our doors.
Where do I start if I want to get help?
The most important step is to acknowledge that you have an addiction. The most effective recovery is when the individual is ready to seek help. Once you’ve come to grips with your addiction, all you would have to do now is give the Sequoia Recovery network a call. From there, we will help you every step of the way. Once you arrive at a drug rehab center in the Sequoia Recovery network, we will plan out the most effective treatment plan that is specific to your needs.
What should I expect when I get into your drug rehab center?
Upon arriving, you will meet with an addiction specialist, who will assess everything. Addiction history, history of health and other diseases, document your current symptoms and other necessary details to properly gauge a plan of attack. From there, you will begin your clinically managed detox program where you will comfortably go through the withdrawal process. We will ensure your safety throughout this process. Once you’ve completed detox, you will move on to the Residential Inpatient Program then our Intensive Outpatient Program where we will help you overcome the mental addiction you have to drugs or alcohol.

Sequoia Recovery's network of providers will certainly inspire health and restoration

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