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How to Find the Right Luxury Drug Rehab Program

By Sequoia Recovery / March 29, 2016

If you or a loved one is searching for the right addiction treatment program, it is important to become as best educated as possible to be able to effectively determine which program will be best for your personal needs. A drug rehab addiction treatment center knows that it can be difficult to reach out for…

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Things to Consider when Choosing Between OP and IOP

By Sequoia Recovery / March 8, 2016

When you want to get rid of any kind of addiction you refer to a doctor for help who can help you rehabilitate and overcome such problems. The treatment is of two kinds the first is called outpatient treatment (OP) and the second is known as the intensive outpatient program (IOP). The rehabilitation centers mostly…

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Nutrition and Addiction Recovery

By Sequoia Recovery / March 8, 2016

No matter what stage of managing an addiction that you are in, nutrition is important. If you have already been through treatment, are seeking treatment, or are unsure about seeking treatment, proper nutrition should always be a priority. As drug abuse takes a toll on physical health and functions very badly, reversing the overall negative…

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Positive Coping Mechanisms to Use During Recovery

By Sequoia Recovery / March 2, 2016

What is recovery? Recovery is the phase which starts when the detox is completed. In short, when all the substances have been eliminated from the addict’s body. In the recovery stage, the person experiences improved health, wellness and good quality of life. The process of recovery may take time and is divided into different stages.…

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