Detox Facilities

Managed Detox

Withdrawing from drugs or alcohol can be a very scary and painful process. Without the proper environment or professional help, detoxing can be very dangerous.
We offer a safe and controlled environment to ensure the comfort of all our clients during the detox process. There will be trained staff members that will be available to you at all hours of the day for your convenience. This process is an important step to break through your physical addiction to drugs or alcohol. Sequoia Recovery treatment center will provide with you many luxurious amenities that are ideal for a proper detox. Our homes will have properly regulated temperatures, proper nutritious meals and many entertainment options to help make this an easier process for you.
Not only private insurance treatment centers provide properly managed detox programs nor do they offer such luxurious amenities for their clients. Sequoia Recovery treatment facility offers these specialized programs and amenities to minimize the pain and discomfort of traditional detox programs.

Sequoia Recovery’s luxury housing accommodations are certain to inspire health and restoration.

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